Our Work

Canada Proud is a grassroots group of Canadians working to defeat Justin Trudeau.

As prime minister, Trudeau has let our country down. He broke his promise to veterans while rewarding convicted terrorist Omar Khadr.

He rammed through a carbon tax that makes gas, groceries and home heating more expensive. It’s a tax that punishes ordinary working Canadians while doing nothing to actually help the environment.

Trudeau declared himself a “feminist” only to throw Jody Wilson-Raybould under the bus. Instead of standing up for everyday Canadians, Trudeau is fighting for corrupt companies like SNC-Lavalin.

Trudeau told us “Canada is back” but all he’s managed to do is embarrass us on the world stage.

Everything about Justin Trudeau is fake. He’s betrayed every person who ever believed in him.

Canada Proud is using the power of social media to hold Trudeau and his Liberals accountable. Millions of Canadians are already seeing our content each week.

Together, we can ensure Justin Trudeau is defeated at the next election.