Canada Proud Launches Campaign to Defeat Trudeau

With the federal election expected to be called any day now, Canada Proud is set to launch an unprecedented digital campaign to defeat Justin Trudeau.

With over 150,000 supporters on social media, Canada Proud is the largest grassroots group dedicated to defeating Justin Trudeau.

Canada Proud is set to air ads targeting Justin Trudeau in battleground ridings across the country. We expect to spend up to $500,000 on this effort – the maximum allowed under the law.

Voices like Canada Proud are critically important now that Trudeau has bought off Canada’s mainstream media with his $600 million media bribe.

The fact is we can no longer rely on the mainstream media to hold Justin Trudeau accountable.

That’s why we created Canada Proud – to represent the everyday Canadians who oppose Trudeau. We spent over $60,000 on ads this summer and saw phenomenal results. Our combination of viral videos and paid ads is helping us reach millions of Canadians.

Since June 1, our videos have been watched over 20 million times. In the last week alone, 3.5 million Canadians saw our content.

We’re also beating Justin Trudeau, The Toronto Star, CBC Toronto and The Globe & Mail in Facebook engagement. With the support of everyday Canadians, we’re fighting back against Trudeau and the media – and winning. We kick their butts on social media every single week. And that’s incredibly important because social media is where more than half of Canadians get their daily news.

Everything we’ve achieved is only possible because we built a grassroots movement supported by everyday Canadians. If you’d like to support Canada Proud, you can make a donation by visiting